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Well first off Steve is the best corvette expert I have ever met. No need to call anyone else. I started my journey looking for a fully restored C1 fuelie and after a few calls with sellers and reading about all the fraud with corvettes now I knew I needed help. I had found what was described as a fully numbers matching 57 fuelie at a well known dealership. I talked them they told me all the right things and I got excited. I found Steve hired him and he called them. They knew who he was and after the call Steve found out it wasn’t numbers matching and used to be a race car and most of the clips had been replaced. They wanted a lot of money and I would of bought it if it wasn’t for Steve. Saved my 10’s of thousands of dollars. Then we searched and searched for cars with me calling or texting him multiple times a day. After months and months of searching and with him helping me every step he and I found the perfect 59 fuelie that Steve looked over for a half a day and authenticated. Now I have probably one of the finest 59’s in the USA that scored 98.4% at the last NCRS show. I would of never ended up with this car without Steve. We are good friends now and he is coming out this spring to visit. Just a great guy that knows more than anyone in my opinion. You would be stupid not to hire Steve. You will either call him before you buy or call him after for him to testify at your hearing when you file a lawsuit for buying a fake car!!!

-Dave Coffin, Chicago IL

Contacted Steve... great description of the process... great response to my schedule... did a complete and thorough report on my car and reported the results swiftly by phone and many pictures.. written report followed the next day.. very pleased and I bought the car !

-Phil Reneau, MI

Steve is the consummate professional in an industry where one is truly needed. Like many who are looking to buy a classic Corvette, I was trying to define what I really wanted as my search began. From start to finish, he not only gave me great insight, he took the time to educate me on what was best for my needs and interests. He helped me understand what drives value, what I should expect to pay for certain features and how to avoid fraud, which can be rampant in this arena. In the end, I ended up with a '67 Convertible in the perfect color combo, price and profile for my needs. As it was being loaded off the truck I realized I never would have done it comfortably without Steve's expertise. His professional consultancy was money well spent.

-Bill Fandel, Telluride, CO

I was looking for a 65 /66 coupe. I contacted Steve for advice on looking for a car, once I found one I was interested in, Steve took the time to ask what were the most important things to me in a car. Steve then completed a comprehensive inspection and took me through the car very carefully. His attention to detail, professional and no -bias approach, and his advice was THE main driver in my decision to purchase the car. I feel it was money & time well spent, as I feel I made an good decision based on expertise advise and research. I would highly recommend using Vettework.

-Bob Layton, Grayslake, IL

I had a 66 Corvette Coupe when I was 21, and approaching my 60th birthday, my wife says, "you've been talking about that Corvette you sold for 30 years, and you just need to go buy one". I started looking through online and paper ads trying to find a car that met my specifications, a good original vehicle in driver condition.

I've been in the car business for 43 years and have bought and sold many thousands of cars. With all this experience and training, I was ill-prepared to make an informed buying decision on a vintage Corvette. I feared getting a bad car that I would regret and ruin the experience.

Three years ago, I had spoken to Steve with the idea that someday I would get another Corvette. Fast forward, and last week I found a car that appeared to fit all my criteria. I called Steve, and we completed the customer agreement, and he called the customer and scheduled to see the car. He was thorough with the inspection and had a great rapport with the car's owner. The car checked out and is on a truck headed the 3,000 miles to me. It was a win for everyone.

Here are the takeaways from this experience:

The fee is minor compared to the cost of making a mistake.

No matter how much you have read, you can't compare it to Steve's experience.

I know exactly what I bought, including authenticity and the way it drives.

The car's owner liked Steve, and having a happy seller is a big deal.

You can't put a price on peace of mind.

I highly recommend contacting Steve in advance of searching for your car.

-Bill Steeley, Kirkland, WA

I was referred to Steve by several long-time members of the Corvette Forum, and after trying to find a reliable person to-do an inspection on a car 1,400 miles away from me during the craziness of 2020. Steve was prompt to respond, and walked me through his credentials and inspection process. Upon completing his initial inspection, he gave me a phone call de-brief giving his general thoughts and summaries which were sent along with over 100 pictures with notes as to what I was looking at, and the pros/cons of many components. I cannot overstate how thorough he was in his inspection, and his communication to me. Using his verbal, photo, and written reports, I ultimately felt comfortable enough to make a deal on the car - which without his expertise would have been near impossible. Thank you so much, and cannot recommend Steve enough.

-Vincent B., Greenwich, CT

My son and I were looking for a C2, not just any C2 but a Split Window. We knew would need an expert to help. Well, we found that and more with Steve at VetteWork. Using Steve’s service and expertise we avoided what could have been a costly mistake. They say third times the charm and for us it was when we located a very nice C2. We had Steve travel and do a full inspection, pointing out some minor issues that were fixed by the dealer.

By working with Steve, we learned a lot of what to look for. His experience and knowledge are top notch. If you are in the market for a classic Corvette, I would highly recommend Steve. He is down to earth, a very good communicator and most importantly he KNOWS his vettes.

-Rob Johnsen, Hudson Valley, NY

Working with Steve was money well spent. I wanted a C1 Corvette but knew very little about them. I still have a lot to learn, but in about 5-6 conversations with Steve I knew enough to know what I wanted. Right off the bat he consulted with me to avoid a situation that would have been a disaster purchase. On the 2nd car he consulted with me on I was able to strike a deal. Steve was patient with all my questions and is truly passionate about what he does. I can't recommend him highly enough. A decent quality C1 is not cheap, but I felt Steve's advice was a reasonably priced for the quality of expertise that he provides. I hope to use him again in the future and feel fortunate to have him help me in my quest for my first C1.

-Ben Catlett, Knoxville, TN

Steve recently worked with me to help me find and purchase a 1967 big-block Corvette. I have been buying and selling classic cars for over 20 years (pony cars, muscle cars, etc.), but this was my first Corvette purchase. Working with Corvettes is different than working with other car types - there are so many more opportunities to make a wrong decision without expert help.

I used more than one of Steve's services. Steve helped me with the auto inspection, engine stamp certification, and trim tag verification; he even helped run down a few good cars to consider. Because of Steve's help I was able to discover a fake trim tag on one of the cars I had found. Steve's inspection saved me, literally, tens of thousands of dollars! The car later sold to someone else (and that buyer could have been me)!!!!

I am now the proud owner of an all original 1967 silver pearl big-block convertible!!!!!!

If you are truly in the market to purchase a classic Corvette, there is no better money spent than inspection and verification services with Vette Work!! They are worth every penny - trust me!!

-Eric Taylor, Louisville, KY


There are Corvettes and then there is the correct Corvette. I was looking for a true ‘69 big block with factory side pipes. For nearly three years I searched for the car with Steve looking at several examples for me. With Steve’s judging experience and extensive database of engine pads, we were able to find a car. I would have been lost if it were not for Steve’s help and worse yet, bought something I shouldn’t have. I’m already thinking of the next car and will be in touch with Steve again. Thank you Steve.

-Jason Wells, Savannah, GA


Steve provided great insight and feedback on my potential purchase. He is a regular guy who gives straight forward advice, regardless of your budget. Steve also provided a negotiation strategy that yielded a purchase price within budget. I would highly recommend.

-John Imhof, FL


I found Steve through his advertisement in “The NCRS Driveline” newsletter and I’m very happy that I did! Steve inspected a 1970 LT 1 convertible in California for me , which it looked perfect in the photography, and it turned out to be a hot mess! He not only saved me a lot of money by not purchasing the car, he also saved me the personal disappointment with his counsel concerning the car. I was determined to find a 1970 LT1 convertible and Steve actually found one in Texas that turned out to be the “real deal” after his personal inspection. Upon his counsel about the car I purchased it and look forward to many years of enjoyment.

I will always use Steve’s VetteWork for any classic corvette that I intend on buying. His expertise and thoroughness is well worth the cost! Thank you Steve!

-Brad Sullivan, NC


I really enjoyed working with Steve as I looked for the Corvette I wanted to purchase. He was very professional, helpful, and easy to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and knows his stuff!! He patiently answered all of my “neophyte “ questions, and I learned a lot about the classic Corvette world while I was working with him. I would HIGHLY recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for a classic Corvette. The peace of mind is well worth the reasonable cost!!

-Gene Brown, Madison MS


Buying a collectible car was one of the toughest decisions I've had to make in a long time. So many factors go into the decision and there's so much room for error or bad judgement. I engaged Steve, at VetteWork, to perform a PPI on a '65 Coupe with the rare L78 engine. Steve was easy to engage. He explained his process until I was comfortable. Then he showed up as planned, and completed a thorough assessment. He followed up with a detailed report. More importantly, he called me and talked through his entire inspection. He provided great detail and opinion on the good and less good aspects of the vehicle. He talked through the quality of any original, rebuilt or restored components, and he made recommendations on things to worry about or not worry about. He provided guidance on things to consider for the car’s future. Steve also offered to stay in touch if I had any additional questions. I've since had a couple followup questions. Steve was both accommodating and helpful. He helped me mitigate the risks, and informed my purchase decision. I've been very happy with the car, and could not have done it with VetteWork. Thanks, Steve!

-Troy Fitchett, VA


I contacted Steve to check out a 57 Fuelie I was thinking of buying. Pictures looked great, price was right, but I could not make it to NY to look at the car. Steve definitely helped out the situation. Price was fair and he did a very good inspection, tons of pictures and very thorough write up. In the end I did not purchase the car as there were just too many things that were wrong that were not presented up front by the seller. Well worth the money spent. Thank you Steve!

-Norris Harward, Dublin CA


Cannot say enough about, or recommend more highly, Steve for the tremendous support he gave in my effort to purchase a classic corvette. His insights and availability pre-purchase, during purchase, and post-purchase were invaluable. We spent a great deal of time discussing just what i was looking for and what i should expect as i began my search. Not only did i find what i consider to be exactly what i was looking for, but by the third car, i didn't even feel the need to see it myself - I trusted Steve knew exactly what i wanted and he certainly delivered!!!! Perhaps even more valuable in helping me find the right car for the right amount of money, Steve clearly helped me avoid making two bad decisions on cars i probably would have purchased had i not had his inspections and opinions.

Steve will make sure you know everything you need to know about the car and help guide you on what the right money is for the car. Thanks Steve!!

-Jared from Ontario, Canada


I contacted Steve to help with my first Corvette purchase. He was patient and generous with his time in listening to what I was looking for in a C2. After we spoke he provided me with numerous sites for the search. I identified several cars to consider. Steve first contacted the parties to vet the Vette (no pun intended). After several follow up conversations Steve’s feedback was key in identifying THE car. He also provided guidance with the price, subject to inspection. He quickly made arrangements to take a lengthy flight to inspect the car. After inspection he promptly called me with the good news that the car lived up to expectations. His follow up report was thourough. I’m now the proud owner and want to express how much I appreciate and value Steve’s expertise. I highly recommend him to anyone embarking on a similar journey.

-Cary Buxbaum from Chicago, IL


I was looking for a driver quality, 67 Corvette that was mechanically sound and worth the money being asked. I contacted VetteWork for the following reasons: 1) This was my first classic car purchase and I wanted someone I could trust to do a pre-purchase inspection 2) I did not want to overpay for a car 3) I did not want to purchase a car with serious mechanical issues. Steve inspected two cars for me. The first one was a mess and not worth the money they were asking. Based on his findings, which I wouldn't have found myself, I passed on that car. The second car was much better and based on his report, I purchased without visiting it myself because I trusted his findings. Steve is very easy to work with, very thorough and a great source of information. I would recommend him for an inspection of a Corvette based on his thoroughness, knowledge and ease of working with.

-Hartley Clay from Fredericksburg, Texas


I contacted Steve at Vette Work to inspect a '65 Corvette coupe that was for sale at a car show. The car had been frame-off restored only 10 years earlier, looked beautiful, and was priced right. I so wanted to pull the trigger on buying it, but knew that I needed an expert to examine it first. Steve spent some time looking over the car, and over the course of 30 minutes, discovered some crucial details that I might not have ever spotted. First, he pointed out that the doors didn't fit very well, but noting that many original cars emerged from the factory that way, he investigated further...and discovered that a member supporting the front clip of the car was not original, and that a front body panel was not original as well. Looking further, he then discovered that one of the left motor mounts had been completely sheared off and then re-welded. Other details he discovered painted a final picture of a beautiful car that had unfortunately been in a very serious front end collision. If it had not been for Steve, I would have ended up buying that "accident car" with ill fitting doors! His expertise turned out to be crucial to me in navigating purchase of my first vintage Corvette.

-Jim Erickson-Nepomuceno from Herndon, VA


I was looking for a driver quality, 69-70 vette that was mechanically sound. I contacted VetteWork for the following reasons: 1) This was my first classic car purchase and I wanted someone I could trust in my corner 2) I did not want to overpay for a car 3) I did not want to purchase a car with serious mechanical issues 4) Steve has expertise specific to classic corvettes; therefore, he understands what's real, what's original, and what's a problem.

Steve was very easy to talk to from the start. While i'm certain he is very capable of talking way above my head about these cars he communicated on my level and kept my objective in mind while reviewing cars. He was also responsive to my emails and phone calls and has a ton of helpful advice along the way. His inspection was thorough and the written report, complete with pictures, was invaluable in my decision to purchase. It is also excellent documentation to have.

Hiring VetteWork, is by far one of the best investments I've made. Steve exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with him in the future. You will NOT be disappointed.

-Steve from Easley, SC


My experience in working with Steve was extremely pleasant from the jump start (no pun intended). I can't tell you how lucky I was to have found him and to have had the ability to tap his knowledge and skill when being in the market for my first collectible Corvette. Steve made me very comfortable that he was the right guy for the job when performing a pre-purchase inspection for the 63 Split Window Coupe which I went on to purchase solely on his recommendation and without ever seeing the car in person myself. His reports were thorough and extremely accurate, I knew exactly what I was buying based on his expertise. No surprises...can't get any more value than that! Thank you Steve, looking forward to working with you again soon.

-Bob Knox from Lido Beach, NY

After many months of searching for just the right car, I leveraged Steve and his vast expertise to make the final selection. He reviewed cars on line, in person and patiently answered every question I could throw his way. If there is anything that I have learned through this process, it's that you just don't know how much you don't know without someone of Steve's caliber to guide you. I highly recommend Vette Work and will never consider another purchase without Steve's involvement.

-Jeff from Alabama

Steve's experience and credentials are unsurpassed. He is by far the most knowledgeable Corvette expert I have ever met. The specifics in his inspection far exceeded the level of detail I expected. It's hard to exaggerate how through he is in every aspect of his review. He didn't miss a thing. He is also very responsive and flexible in terms of scheduling. Based on his survey, I purchased the 1966 Corvette, big block convertible with complete confidence. I cannot recommend VetteWork highly enough and would use only them for any future classic Corvette needs. Well worth the very reasonable fee. Besides everything already said, it's just a pleasure to talk to him about Corvettes.

-Norm Dascher from Rochester, NY

Thanks to Steve at Vettework! I had a chance to buy an engine for my '67 coupe. Being in another Country, and not wanting to buy a 50 year old engine 'sight unseen', It was great to have Expert eyes on the subject. He responded to my inquiry on a Sunday (!) and had a look at the engine within 1 business day. ( luckily it was located near him) He validated the seller's claims (to the extent possible on a static non running engine) It turned out to be the real deal!

Thanks also for your follow up advice Steve. all the best!

-Mike Lee from Vancouver, BC

Nothing can be said that has not already been said in other testimonials. VetteWork was right on the money with their advise. They were professional and patient. They always returned my phone calls and were specific in their answers. You guys saved me money on the restoration of my corvette and I sincerely thank you. What more can I say?

-Dan from Connecticut

Team VetteWork,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for working with me on the appraisal that I needed. With all of your help I was able to get the insurance that I needed to protect my investment. I shot your info over to a couple of friends of mine. Expect some calls. Again, thanks for your professionalism and your expertise.

- Jim from Tulsa

When i called Vettework i was full of questions. Other so called experts lead me down some expensive paths that cost me money. After speaking with the guys ove there i explained to them what my problem was with my vette. They took the time to answer my questions, did some research and called me back when they said they would. I was really shocked at the level of service that i got. I really appreciate it.

- Roger from Kansas City

We flew "a God send" down to inspect a corvette before we purchased it. To say he was extremely thorough would be an understatement. I mean I had to stop him and ask him to dumb it down even more for this old man. Needless to say, VetteWork has my full confidence and trust.

- Arthur from Texas

I knew that restoring my corvette was going to be a task. I just didn't know how large of a task it was going to be. I hired Vettework to help us out in providing direction, advise and their many years of expertise with show cars. Glad I did. I was able to save money by heading their advice, yet at the same time produce my dream car. I thank the team at Vettwork all their hard work.

- Matt from California

Dear VetteWork,

Thank you for helping us with some of our questions. We really felt like you were part of our "big adventure" when getting started with our first Corvette purcase. We did not even know where to begin. You helped us every step of the way. With as much time as we talked, I really feel like you are part of our family now. Or at least our "car family". LOL

- Paul from Minnesota

Holy Cow - I am impressed. After talking with a few others I am glad I decided not to use their services. You totally blew me away with the list of things you told me I needed to think about. I purchased your corvette consulting services as others did and I must say that it was worth every penny. Call me next week so we can get it appraised once everything is completed.

- Mark from Indiana

We have worked with Vettework several times in regards to getting an inspection and an appraisial. Now we are consulting on a new purchase. I can say with full confidense that we will not use anyone else for any of our corvette needs.

- John and Nancy from Oregon

I highly recommend the guys from Vettework. They were knowledgable and friendly. Most of all they helped me get what I needed for my car. I will call them again someday soon.

- Gabe from Florida

Huge help you were. I really appreciate your time.

- Tim Gabbins from England

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