Can I speak directly with the inspector or appraiser if I have questions about the process or the report?
Yes. You will have unlimited real time personal phone calls, advise and follow up with one of the top corvette experts in the country. You will speak directly with the person that inspected or appraised the car. You will not be dealing with a customer service representative in a foreign country. We answer all of your questions directly so you are completely satisfied.
How long does the inspection take?
The process typically takes 2-3 hours depending on the quality of the car. We examine all areas of the vehicle including chassis, mechanical, exterior (body/paint/fit/finish) and interior. Additionally, we perform a system check and take the vehicle for a test drive.
Do you perform appraisals for estates, litigation cases or insurance purposes?
Yes! This is what we do. Our Corvette Appraisal Experts work with attorney's, courts, businesses and individuals to work thru all required steps and paperwork that might be needed.
If I need advice on restoring or repairing the car, sourcing parts or judging can you provide that? How do I arrange financing? How about shipping? How do I take delivery?
Yes, we restore our own cars, so you will have access to all the contacts and advice you need.  The online option posers have never purchased, shipped or restored a car. Just because you own a Corvette, that does not make you a Corvette expert.
I need Expert Corvette Witness testimony in litigation? Do you provide services where you are deposed by the court?
Yes, Attorney’s across the US have engaged us. This is a growing aspect of our business.
Should I buy a Corvette at auction?
We don’t advise that unless you view the Corvette before the auction.
I am interested in a resto mod. What should I expect to pay for a completed car?
Typically resto mods start around $150K for the entry level and go up from there. The higher end cars will typically have components from companies such as Art Morrison and SR111 Chassis.
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