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At VetteWork our full time focus revolves around the classic era of the Corvette. Our close group of trusted friends as well as our long-term clients live and breathe admiration for these vintage sports cars. With over a quarter century of judging, appraising and inspecting Corvette's, we have a special appreciation for the corvette enthusiast and their love of this American icon.

Used, Vintage and Classic Corvette Inspections

Corvette Inspections

Considering a vintage Corvette purchase but unsure about what the seller is telling you?

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Looking to sell your custom, vintage, classic, used corvette?

Sell Your Corvette

Do you have a 1963-1973 Corvette coupe or convertible you would be interested in selling?

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Get a Used , Antique, Classic, Old Corvette Value Appraisal

Corvette Appraisals

Not sure what your corvette is worth? Do you need an appraisal for your classic Corvette?

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Why Choose VetteWork?

As a NCRS 400+ Level Master Judge (highest level recognized) with over 25 years of experience traveling across the country judging, inspecting and appraising Corvettes; many people recognize us as one of the leading experts in all things Corvette. VetteWork, is unique because no other firm offers nationwide service combined with our knowledge level and recognition of achievement.

Corvette Pre-Purchase Inspections and Appraisals

The above are performed in-person, unlike my competition who either contract with third party vendors located throughout the country who know very little about corvettes or inspect vehicles from pictures while sitting in a remote office. My competition sends an “appraiser” or “inspector” to do a cursory review. Unfortunately this “expert” has rarely, if ever, inspected or appraised a corvette and has no clue what they are looking at. The result is either an incomplete inspection or inaccurate appraisal value. Don’t risk discovering AFTER you bought the car that you overpaid. Click the Pre Purchase Inspection or Appraisal tabs to learn more.

Consulting: Buying and/or Selling a Corvette at Auction

Are you considering purchasing or selling a corvette at a collector car auction? As an existing client of the large auction houses, I can help guide you through the buying or selling process which is unique to auctions. Learn the secrets that the auction houses and dealers don’t want you to know. Through my consulting service, I can educate you about auction house selection, commission structures, reserves, car placement, entry fees, house bids and what happens with an on-the-block no-sale. Click the Services tab to learn more.

Consulting: Key Value Drivers for any Corvette

I have developed three key value drivers for any classic corvette. These variables are critical in determining market value. Contact me to discuss what they are and how they affect the car you own or may purchase.

Consulting: Considering a Resto-Mod

Resto-Mods are becoming very popular and for good reason. They combine classic looks with modern electronics, suspension and drivetrain. Values and sale prices vary widely, principally driven by build quality. Before you consider a purchase, contact us to learn how we can help. Click the Services tab to learn more.

Prices for pre-purchase inspections and appraisals start as low as $395. Consulting and expert witness arrangements are on a case-by-case basis. Vettework serves the United States and Canada. See my prestigious awards below and then get in touch.

NCRS 400 Level Master Judge

NCRS 400 Level

Master Judge

Corvette Bloomington Gold Award Winner

Bloomington Gold

Award Winner

Award Winning Classic Corvette Restoration

Trusted Guidance

Judging and Restoration Consulting

Vintage Corvette Magazine Content Publisher


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Our Full List of Corvette Services

Corvette Inspections

Found a Corvette you want to buy and want a pre-purchase inspection first?

Corvette Appraisals

Not sure what your Corvette is worth?
Get an appraisal for selling or insurance.

Corvette Transportation

Heading to a show? Get a quote to have your Corvette picked up and delivered.

Expert Corvette Witness

Contact us if expert testimony is needed for court cases or legal proceedings.

Corvette Consulting Services

Are you planning to restore a Corvette
but not sure where to start? Ask us.

Corvette Buyers


Have a classic Corvette you are looking
to sell? Click here to sell us your Corvette.

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  • I needed my corvette picked up for a show and the team at Vettework helped me make all the arrangements. They were just as concerned for my car as I was.

    Frank Watts from Pittsburgh
  • Purchasing my first corvette was awesome. Restoring it however proved to be a challenge. Thank you vettework for taking time to answer all my questions.

    Carl Right from Utah
  • You guys blew my mind with the amount of information you provided me. Still trying to soak it all in. You are definitely the go to guys for corvettes.

    Jamie Mcdowell from Florida
  • I wanted to purchase a corvette but wanted it inspected first. You guys were there the next day and consequently saved me from making a bad decision.

    Forrest Harley from Boston
  • Thank you VetteWork for helping me to layout what my next steps are. Restoring my corvette has taken on a life of its own. I really appreciated the help.

    Herbert Alder from Colorado
  • Thank you SO MUCH for getting back with me. I was completely besides my self needing answers and not getting any. My corvette thanks you.

    Neil Cain from Mississippi
  • I needed a quick appraisal on my corvette and the team over at Vettwork really helped me out in a pinch. Thanks for helping me to meet my deadline.

    David V. Lynch from Greenwood

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