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My experience in working with Steve was extremely pleasant from the jump start (no pun intended). I can't tell you how lucky I was to have found him and to have had the ability to tap his knowledge and skill when being in the market for my first collectible Corvette. Steve made me very comfortable that he was the right guy for the job when performing a pre-purchase inspection for the 63 Split Window Coupe which I went on to purchase solely on his recommendation and without ever seeing the car in person myself. His reports were thorough and extremely accurate, I knew exactly what I was buying based on his expertise. No surprises...can't get any more value than that! Thank you Steve, looking forward to working with you again soon.

-Bob Knox from Lido Beach, NY

After many months of searching for just the right car, I leveraged Steve and his vast expertise to make the final selection. He reviewed cars on line, in person and patiently answered every question I could throw his way. If there is anything that I have learned through this process, it's that you just don't know how much you don't know without someone of Steve's caliber to guide you. I highly recommend Vette Work and will never consider another purchase without Steve's involvement.

-Jeff from Alabama

Steve's experience and credentials are unsurpassed. He is by far the most knowledgeable Corvette expert I have ever met. The specifics in his inspection far exceeded the level of detail I expected. It's hard to exaggerate how through he is in every aspect of his review. He didn't miss a thing. He is also very responsive and flexible in terms of scheduling. Based on his survey, I purchased the 1966 Corvette, big block convertible with complete confidence. I cannot recommend VetteWork highly enough and would use only them for any future classic Corvette needs. Well worth the very reasonable fee. Besides everything already said, it's just a pleasure to talk to him about Corvettes.

-Norm Dascher from Rochester, NY

Thanks to Steve at Vettework! I had a chance to buy an engine for my '67 coupe. Being in another Country, and not wanting to buy a 50 year old engine 'sight unseen', It was great to have Expert eyes on the subject. He responded to my inquiry on a Sunday (!) and had a look at the engine within 1 business day. ( luckily it was located near him) He validated the seller's claims (to the extent possible on a static non running engine) It turned out to be the real deal!

Thanks also for your follow up advice Steve. all the best!

-Mike Lee from Vancouver, BC

Nothing can be said that has not already been said in other testimonials. VetteWork was right on the money with their advise. They were professional and patient. They always returned my phone calls and were specific in their answers. You guys saved me money on the restoration of my corvette and I sincerely thank you. What more can I say?

-Dan from Connecticut

Team VetteWork,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for working with me on the appraisal that I needed. With all of your help I was able to get the insurance that I needed to protect my investment. I shot your info over to a couple of friends of mine. Expect some calls. Again, thanks for your professionalism and your expertise.

- Jim from Tulsa

When i called Vettework i was full of questions. Other so called experts lead me down some expensive paths that cost me money. After speaking with the guys ove there i explained to them what my problem was with my vette. They took the time to answer my questions, did some research and called me back when they said they would. I was really shocked at the level of service that i got. I really appreciate it.

- Roger from Kansas City

We flew "a God send" down to inspect a corvette before we purchased it. To say he was extremely thorough would be an understatement. I mean I had to stop him and ask him to dumb it down even more for this old man. Needless to say, VetteWork has my full confidence and trust.

- Arthur from Texas

I knew that restoring my corvette was going to be a task. I just didn't know how large of a task it was going to be. I hired Vettework to help us out in providing direction, advise and their many years of expertise with show cars. Glad I did. I was able to save money by heading their advice, yet at the same time produce my dream car. I thank the team at Vettwork all their hard work.

- Matt from California

Dear VetteWork,

Thank you for helping us with some of our questions. We really felt like you were part of our "big adventure" when getting started with our first Corvette purcase. We did not even know where to begin. You helped us every step of the way. With as much time as we talked, I really feel like you are part of our family now. Or at least our "car family". LOL

- Paul from Minnesota

Holy Cow - I am impressed. After talking with a few others I am glad I decided not to use their services. You totally blew me away with the list of things you told me I needed to think about. I purchased your corvette consulting services as others did and I must say that it was worth every penny. Call me next week so we can get it appraised once everything is completed.

- Mark from Indiana

We have worked with Vettework several times in regards to getting an inspection and an appraisial. Now we are consulting on a new purchase. I can say with full confidense that we will not use anyone else for any of our corvette needs.

- John and Nancy from Oregon

I highly recommend the guys from Vettework. They were knowledgable and friendly. Most of all they helped me get what I needed for my car. I will call them again someday soon.

- Gabe from Florida

Huge help you were. I really appreciate your time.

- Tim Gabbins from England

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